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Lighted Up Outdoor Christmas Gift Box Luminous Decorations Holiday

$52.34 $74.77
Unit price  per 

Lighted Up Outdoor Christmas Gift Box Luminous Decorations Holiday

$52.34 $74.77
Unit price  per 


Elevate your holiday décor with our exquisite Pre-lit Christmas Gift Boxes. This set of three Xmas lighted gift boxes, complete with three charming bowknots, is designed to infuse the magic of Christmas into your surroundings. Each gift box is adorned with vibrant LED Christmas lights, providing a colorful or warm ambiance. Crafted with a durable transparent acrylic frame and enveloped in high-quality fabric featuring a tinsel glitter effect, these gift boxes radiate elegance.

Our Pre-lit Christmas Gift Boxes are not just beautiful; they are also practical. Their waterproof design ensures that you can place them indoors or outdoors without worry. These gift boxes are powered by three AA batteries (not included), giving you the flexibility to position them wherever you desire, and allowing you to bask in the enchanting glow of these lighted Christmas presents.

Setting up and storing these gift boxes is a breeze, as no specialized skills or tools are required. Assemble the frame and adorn it with the festive cloth bag that boasts Christmas elements. When the holiday season concludes, disassembling and storing the gift boxes is a space-saving solution, ensuring they take up minimal storage space. These charming decorations seamlessly complement various décor styles and make for a splendid addition to Christmas parties and celebrations.

The versatility of these lighted Christmas boxes knows no bounds. They captivate with their beauty during the day and exude a captivating charm at night. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, these gift boxes can be positioned under your Christmas tree or used to adorn your porch, yard, farmhouse, or store. Ideal for enhancing the festive spirit at Christmas parties, holiday gatherings, shows, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and more. Illuminate your holiday season by placing them anywhere to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

Product Information:

  • Power Supply Mode: Battery Box
  • Number of LED Lamp Beads: 50
  • Shell Material: Polyester PTE Fabric
  • Light Color: Warm Light with 8 Functions (Silver XINGX) and Three Colors Christmas Deer with 8 Functions
  • Occasion: Christmas Decoration
  • Modeling: Festival
Product Image:

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